To boldly go…

It is the dawn of the 25th century, and the Federation has emerged from a recent conflict with the Klingon Empire. With the founding of New Romulus, and renewed diplomatic relations because of it, there is a new spirit of exploration.

The newly commissioned U.S.S. Enterprise F has been assigned it’s first mission, to explore the unknown reaches of the Perseus Arm of the galaxy. Commodore Data, with the assistance of Captains Calhoun and Shon, has assembled an eclectic crew of the best and brightest the Federation and allies has to offer.

The stat-of-the-art vessel can separate like its predecessor, but each section is a fully functioning and independent craft. Along with the experimental U.S.S. Aquarius (capable of docking in the aft of the Stardrive section) and a small fleet of Venture class runabaouts, the Enterprise is a veritable mobile starbase. Built with the most advanced propulsion systems ever, it can cover a distance of 10,000 light-years in as little as 33 hours, what would take a conventional vessel 5 years at Warp 9.6.

Our story stars five up and coming officers as they work within this vessel, and explore worlds on their own as the crew of a Venture runabout.

A Venture and an Enterprise